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Setting up email

This feature is currently restricted to KADA Admins

K can be configured to use the KADA email service to deliver emails such as platform support and daily notifications.

You can also configure K to use your own organisations SMTP service to deliver emails. To configure your own service you will need a user (and password) configured on your SMTP service and details about your SMTP service to complete the setup.

Configuring Email

  • Select Platform Settings in the side bar

  • In the pop-out side panel click under Customisations

  • Under Platform Settings you will see the following email related settings

  • Click on Configure Email Notification

  • Click New Integration and fill in the details. Click Next

    • SMTP server: e.g.

    • SMTP port: e.g. 587

    • Username: e.g.

    • Password:

    • Sender email: e.g.

    • SSL enabled: e.g. True

      If you wish to use the KADA service and the details have not been configured or provided to you, please let us know at or by raising a support ticket.

  • Add the email you wish to receive platform support notifications. Click Next & Save

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