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Bulk Edit Collections

Data Governance Managers and Data Managers and K Admin Users have the ability to Bulk Edit Collections.

This page will walk you through how to perform a bulk edit for collections and key things to look out for.

Accessing Bulk Edit for Collections

The Bulk Edit function for collections is accessed via the Platform Settings → Collections.

Where you see the ‘Generate Bulk Edit’ or ‘Import Bulk Edit' icon you will have the ability to perform a bulk update function.

You will be able to perform a Bulk Edit for all Glossary, Data Management and Data Governance collections.

For Platform defined K Collections, Bulk Edit will only be available for some collections.


How to Perform a Bulk Edit for Collections

As each Collection can have a unique structure and field settings, you will need to download a Collection specific excel template. Do not re-purpose a collection template.

  • Step 1) Click on the Generate Bulk Edit file icon for the specific Collection that you would like to update

  • Step 2) Access your Collection template in your downloads folder

  • Step 3) Review the Guide tab to understand the excel layout and how to use the template. Key tips include:

    • Always use the green coloured ‘Collection Instance’ tab to make your updates

    • The first row will highlight which columns are Mandatory vs. Optional

    • The next two rows will provide field property information and tips. Check the tips provided to ensure you have successful upload

    • Where a field is a look-up field that requires an existing list of options (e.g. Data Owner), you will need to first ensure the Data Owner collection is updated with all the options you require. i.e. you will not be able to select/add a Data Owner that has not been pre-created in the K platform

  • Step 4) After you have updated the excel file. Click on the Import Bulk Edit

    • Check that the Collection selected is the one that you intend to update.

  • Step 5) Confirm Import Type and click Next

    • Update only: K Platform will modify the existing collection details based on the excel template

    • Delete and reload: K will delete all collection details including existing linkages to the collection and the collection will be created from scratch. Data assets will need to be re-linked to the new collection instance

  • Step 6) Attach your updated excel and click Import

  • Step 7) You will be taken to you My Ecosystem → My Tasks page where you can monitor the progress of your Bulk Edit import


Key checks to prevent upload fails

  • Where the property is a lookup value (e.g. Data Owner, User Name) ensure there are nil typos and that all values specified are a genuine option. Any typos or invalid values will result in the entire file being rejected during the import process.

  • Check that all blank cells have been intentionally left blank. Blank cells will overwrite any existing data in K and delete any existing information

  • Check that you have an original version of the downloaded template on hand. You can use this as a back-up version to reverse any errors made during a bulk upload process.

Reviewing historical Bulk Edit Imports

You can view all historical Bulk Edit Imports in the Import tab performed.

It’s a great way to check the historical import status and understand who performed the import of previous bulk edits.


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