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Key Features

K is a Data Knowledge platform.

Here are a list of some of it’s great features that can help you with data discovery, knowledge management and data governance.

Features available to all users



Data Profiles

The Profile page is the source of knowledge for your data item (or content, code, etc). Profiles include a combination of automated and manually curated context that helps you understand how, where and when to use the item.


The Feed helps you navigate the constantly changing Data Ecosystem

My Ecosystem is place to see a personalised view of your data ecosystem. You can see everything you have used, run, created, own and follow. Use My Ecosystem to quickly find a piece of code you recently run, or check a table you manage.

Knowledge Feedback Loop

K automatically crowdsources feedback from data product consumers that are best placed to give useful and timely feedback.

Trust Score

K uses a unique algorithm to calculate a data item’s Trust Score.

The Trust Score can help guide data users to utilise trusted data and help data managers identify the data that isn’t trusted or used.


Use lineage to see where data item sources data from, where it flows to, how it joins to other data items.

Tracking Changes

K helps you catalog and manage changes to data items including completing impact assessments and letting users know about changes that occur.

Additional features available to: Administrators, Data owners and Data governance managers




The Insights page is a powerful tool that shares insights on usage, connectivity, governance, issues, and performance

Ask K

Ask K is a self service feature that is available to Data Managers, Data Governance Managers and Administrators to answer questions about your data ecosystem.

Impact Assessment

Impact assessment allows you to assess the impact of changes to data or content.

Data Owner or Data Steward Dashboard

Unique to data owners, the Data Owner Dashboard is an easy way for data owners to review the governance, quality and usage metrics for data items they are responsible for

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