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Trust Score

K uses a unique algorithm to calculate a data item’s Trust Score.

The Trust Score can help:

  • Guide data users to utilise trusted data

  • Help data managers improve the trust level of their data to drive usage

How to locate the Data Trust Score?

The Trust Score is located on the right hand Details section of the Data Profile page

How is the Trust Score Calculated?

The Trust Score is calculated using a range of attributes including:

  • The usage of the data product/asset across the Organisation: Frequency and variety of usage

  • Who uses the data product/asset: Variety and type of users

  • Use cases: If the data product/asset has been verified for a business use case

  • Domain: If the data product/asset has been assigned to a data

  • Documentation: If the data product/asset has been well documented (e.g. description, owners, and stewards, linked to collections)

  • Lineage: If the data product/asset provenance is known

  • Quality of data profile: Open issues assigned to the data product/asset will penalise its trust score

Each attribute can boost or penalise the trust score. For example:

  • The more varied and frequent the usage, the higher the trust score

  • if a data product/asset has been verified, the product/asset’s trust score will be boosted to a high trust score, even if its usage is only moderate compared to other data products/assets.

  • If a data product has many issues raised against it, the trust score will be penalised until the issues are resolved.

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