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Data Owner or Data Steward Dashboard

The Data Owner Dashboard and Data Steward Dashboard is an easy way to review governance, quality and usage metrics for data items that you own or manage

Navigating to the Data Owner/Steward Dashboard

Data Owners and Data Stewards can easily navigate to their personalised dashboards via the Homepage:

  • Click on the Home Page in the K Side Bar

  • Scroll down to the Metrics section and click on Owner or Steward

K Data Governance Managers are also able to access these views to support Data Owners and Stewards by via the Insights Page:

  • Click on the Insights Page and select Owner Dashboard or Steward Dashboad

  • After clicking into the Dashboard, you can change the view by selecting a different Owner or Steward on the top right hand corner Select the specific Data Owner or Steward you would like to view

Using the Owner/Steward Dashboard

The main page will display all of the data items that you are an owner of and provide a snapshot of key governance and quality metrics.

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