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Getting Started

Welcome to K!

This is the one-stop shop to get you up and running to explore your data ecosystem. Key things that will be covered include:

  1. Onboarding to K

  2. How to Navigate K

  3. How to setup your profile, check your assigned role, and customise your experience

  4. How to get Help

Onboarding to K

The K platform works by connecting the data ecosystem and personalising the experience through the way you use data.

In order to do this, K needs to know what team you belong to, and what ID’s you use to access the data sources, platforms and tools in the data ecosystems.

Follow the steps listed in the onboarding form. For more detailed screenshots visit the dedicated Onboarding to K help page.

When adding your personal identifiers, do not add system / generic ID’s that may be used by applications or many people.

Be careful to not link Accounts that do not belong to you. You do not want to accidentally claim someone else's Account!

Once an account is linked, only Admin Users have the ability to remove an incorrectly linked account.

If your team is not in the list you can ask your Admin to create the team and link your team later via the My SettingsMy Settingspage.

Navigating K

K has a convenient side menu that you can quickly collapse or expand.

  • Home is a personal view of your data ecosystem that will help you discover, understand and manage your organisation's data and analytical products. It gives you regular updates on all the latest additions, changes and relevant news on the data and analytical content you use.

  • Insights are dashboards that provide Data Owners, Governance and Managers insights and recommendations into the data ecosystem

  • Ecosystem allows you to quickly find data, content, queries and everything in your company’s data ecosystem. There is also a convenient My Activity view that shows all of the data assets that you will be interested in e.g. data assets you have recently used, created, or followed

  • Search enables you to search the data ecosystem to find data, reports, files, people and teams

  • Knowledge Centre is where you can easily share your knowledge and help others

  • Filters are where you can access previously saved search and filter settings

  • Inventory allows you to explore the data ecosystem in a hierarchical manner

  • Data Cart is a helpful tool where you can quickly perform bulk updates

  • Applications are metadata applications built to solve specific use cases like Impact Assessment, Ask K

At the bottom of the menu, you can also access:

  • History which shows your recently viewed pages or data assets

  • Platform Settings allows Admin Users to configure K settings across the data ecosystem

  • My Settings lets you change and customise your settings

Customise Your User Settings

You can manage your personal identifiers and preferences through My Settings

  • Always add all the Teams you are part of in your settings. The Team’s you select will influence what you see in your daily feed, available filters, and can help you easily locate all the data resources your team uses

  • Check your Role Type. Different Role Types will have access to different features in K. If you think you may have the wrong role type, contact your administrator to have this changed

  • Link Accounts to your K profile to help K personalise your feed and Knowledge Centre

Getting Help

The easiest way to get help is to visit the KADA Support Portal by clicking on the blue circle located on the bottom right hand corner.

Through the Support Portal you can:

  • Search the KADA Support Library for helpful pages like this one

  • Raise a Service Desk ticket to report a system problem

  • Suggest new features for us to build in K

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