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Onboarding to K

The K platform works by connecting the data ecosystem and personalising the experience through the way you use data. By linking your Team and Accounts, K will be able to show a more customised Home Page and Your Data Ecosystem page

The first time you log into K you will be asked to:

  1. Link your team(s)

  2. Set your email preference

  3. Link your account(s)

Step 1) Set your preferences

  • Search for the Team name that you’d like to be connected to.

  • Toggle whether to receive the daily briefing email from K.

If your team is not in the list you can ask your Admin to create the team and link your team later via the My Settingspage. You can also change your email preferences in the same page.

Step 2) Link your user accounts

Help K personalise your experience by linking your accounts.

You may use different accounts for different sources (databases, platforms and tools). Search for accounts you use (e.g. jdoe1, and link them to you in K. Only accounts from sources integrated with K will appear.

When adding your personal identifiers, do not add system / generic ID’s that may be used by applications or many people.

Be careful to not link Accounts that do not belong to you. You do not want to accidentally claim someone else's Account!

Once an account is linked, only Admin Users have the ability to remove an incorrectly linked account.

Step 3) Finish setup

Check that you’ve linked all of your accounts and then click Finish.

If at any stage you want to review your linked accounts or change the default settings you can visit the My Settingspage by clicking on your avatar icon in the bottom left hand corner.

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