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My Ecosystem and Activity Page

My Ecosystem is place to see a personalised view of your data ecosystem.

My Activity is a helpful page to quickly find a piece of code you recently run, or check a table you manage. You can see everything you have used, run, created, own and follow. Use

Accessing My Ecosystem

You can access My Ecosystem through the K Side Bar.

My Ecosystem has 3 key tabs:

  • Sources: View all Database and Source content that have been connected to K.

  • Map: Visually navigate through your ecosystem in a visual map and see how your database sources and content are connected, including which sources have data from a specific domain, or belong to a specific classification. This is particularly useful for showing Architects, Solution Designers and other users how the systems are connected.

  • Discover: Easily discover new items created in the following types of data: Reports, Terms, Collections, Lists, Issues and Tags

Accessing My Activity

You can access My Ecosystem through the K Side Bar.

My Activity has 7 key tabs:

  • List: See data item lists that users of K have created to help make it easily locate groups of data items

  • Contributed: See data items that you have contributed to e.g. linking glossary terms or raising an issue

  • Used: See all the data and content that you have used recently.

  • Run: See all the code, pipelines, macros or procedures you have run recently.

  • Created: See all the data, content, knowledge and other items you have created in the data ecosystem.

  • Assigned: See all the items you are the owner, steward or assigned to

  • Followed: See all the items you are following.

The default view is a timeline view. Click on the button located on the top right-hand corner to switch to List view.

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