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Searching for Data

With so many data assets it can be difficult to find what you are looking for.

K has 5 main ways you can easily locate your data assets:

  1. Visiting your Team Page via your Home Page

  2. Locate data assets recently used via Your Data Ecosystem

  3. Use a google like Search function

  4. Access your past saved search Filters

  5. Explore your data ecosystem via Inventory

Using the Search Function

  1. Google like search bar

    1. Use double quotes for to search for exact matches.

  2. Section showing the type of data assets that match your search term

  3. Use filters to narrow your search. Default filters automatically change to the most relevant filters based on the type of data asset selected. You can also add filters that are not included by default.

  4. You can change the columns displayed

  5. For tables and reports, the grey field shows which column or sheet your search term was matched to

  6. After confirming the list of results, you can choose to add data items to your Data Cart or directly download the data selected

    • Adding items to your Data Cart allows you to perform useful functions like Bulk Update or create a Bulk Edit Excel Template. Things that you can perform a bulk update on include:

      • Data properties: Description, Verified Use Cases, Data Owners, etc

      • Linking to a collection

      • Linking to a role

  7. You can Save the filter settings for easy access in the future via the Filters page.

Accessing saved searches through the Filters Page

  • The filters page displays all search filters that you have saved.

  • Filters can be saved as either:

    • Private: Only you as the creator can see and access this saved filter

    • Public: Anyone can see and access the filter via the filters page

  • You can identify whether the filter is Public or Private via the ‘Viewable’ column

Locating Your Team Data

  1. Navigate to your Home Page and select your Team

  2. Your Team page will appear and list all of the data related assets that your team uses

If you cannot find your Team on on your homepage, visit your :MySettings: to add your team.

Finding Recently Used Data

  1. Click on Your Data Ecosystem in the side panel

  2. Select My Activity

  3. Navigate through the tabs to access Data that you have recently:

    • Used

    • Contributed

    • Run

    • Created

    • Assigned

    • Lists that you created

    • Data items you are following

Structured Exploration via Inventory

The Inventory is a structured way to explore data, content, queries and all other items within the ecosystem.

You can easily drill through the different categories by clicking through the side panel. It’s a great way to browse the data ecosystem when you do not have a specific search term in mind and cannot use the Search function.

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