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The Data Cart

The Data Cart is an important tool that enables you to perform useful functions on multiple data items, including:

This page will walkthrough how to add items to your Data Cart via Data Profile pages or the Search function.

The Data Cart function is only available to the following roles: Data Governance, Data Managers, K Admin users

Using Search to add multiple data items to Data Cart

  • Access the Search page using the side panel

  • Search for the items that you want perform the bulk edit function

  • Hover over the icon of the data icon you want to add and select the 'checkbox'

  • Click the Add to Cart button after all data items have been selected

  • At any time, you can click the Data Cart icon to view what has been added to the Data Cart

Directly adding data items to Data Cart via Data Profile page

  • Access the Data Profile page for the data item you want to add to the Data Cart

  • Click the Add to Cart icon at the top of the Data Profile page

The ‘Add to Cart' function will only appear for Tables, Columns, Reports and Sheets. Overtime this function will be added to more data types.

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