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Home Page

The home page is a personal view of your data ecosystem that will help you discover, understand and manage your organisations data and analytical products.

Below are some key features of the Home Page.


The feed is the main feature of the Home page.

Based on your data usage, follows and team, K provides personalised twitter like feed updates about your data ecosystem. You may see recommendations, changes, updates or recommended actions to take in the feed. The feed is constantly updating so it is best to check regularly to keep up to date.

Feed list


The metrics widget shows you how many products you’ve used, own, created or are the steward of. Click on each metric to take you to your data ecosystem page

Metrics table


Dashboard provides actionable insights to improve the quality of the data ecosystem.

If you are a Data Owner one of the links will be Ownership. When you click on Ownership, you will see a summary of all your data items and their governance/quality metrics.

Dashboard table

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