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How to create a collection instance linking rule

This function is currently restricted to Data Governance Managers and Data Managers

Linking rules are a great way to automatically link data items to a collection using business rule written in a regex format (aka Regex Rule). They can create consistency and help save manual time and effort. Data items that no longer meet the Regex Rule will automatically be de-linked from the collection.

Creating a Collection instance linking rule

  • Select Platform Settings in the side bar

  • In the pop-out side panel click under Collections, click on Instance linking

  • Click on New Linking Rule

  • Complete the form and click Add

    • Select the Collection instance you want to link via a Rule

    • Select the asset type you want to link via the Rule

      • Content_Child refers to sub items within the main content. For example, a sheet within PowerBI

    • Add the Linking rule. The rule uses Regex to match to the asset name.

There are a number of excellent public resources for helping build Regex to meet your needs such as


Scenario: I want to link all columns that contain address type information to the Address instance in the PII Detected Collection

Completed the New Linking Rule form with the following details:

  • Collection: PII Detected

  • Instance: Address

  • Item to link: Content

  • Regex rule: ^(?=address)(?!email).*|city|county|country|zipcode|postal|postcode|street|suburb

The rule used above looks for any assets (e.g. Column) that have the words address (but not email address), city, county, country, zipcode, postal, postcode, street or suburb in the name

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