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How to Create an Instance in a Collection

Once you create a Collection, you create instances to fill out the collection. You can then link those instances to Data Items manually or via rules.

Instances are items that make up a collection. They can be Terms in a Glossary Collection, Critical Data Elements in a Governance Collection, or Source Systems in a Data Management Collection.

In the above example, Instance 1 is Columns and the two data items linked to it are Customer Name and Interest Rate

This function is currently restricted to Data Governance Managers and Data Managers

How to Create an Instance

  • Select :PlatformSettings: Platform Settings in the side bar

  • In the pop-out side panel click on Collections

  • Select the collection you’d like to add a new instance for

  • Click Add Instance

    Add instances

  • Complete the form and click Add

    • Names must be unique within a collection

    • The name is case insensitive

The instance properties are set at the collection level

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