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Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre is the feedback loop for your data ecosystem. K creates targeted surveys to each user that is best able to answer the questions. Using the collective knowledge of your team to build data trust and accelerate data maturity.

Survey Types

There are 3 types of surveys that K automatically sends to targeted users to build the collective knowledge:

  • Access: These surveys are sent when K notices that you have not used an item in a while. You may have changed roles, no longer used the item, etc. Limiting non essential access is a good security practice. Let the data team know what you no longer need access to.

  • Feedback: These are sent to recent users to collect feedback on how useful the item was for their work. Your contribution is incredibly important for the data, reporting and analytical product managers, hearing feedback will help them improve their product and your results.

  • Knowledge: These are sent out to top users to collect opinions about data and content where expertise is needed. This might be a whether you know what classification the data should be, or whether PII data was present. Expert opinions can help narrow knowledge gap and make the data management/governance maturity journey significantly easier and faster.

Creating Your Own Survey

We’re sorry 😞 Currently you cannot create your own tailored survey. We are working on this feature and hope that it will be available soon.

Reviewing Survey Feedback

If you are a Data Governance User, you will also have access to the Responses tab.

On this tab, you can select a survey and download all of the responses for analysis.

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