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Removing Local account access after SSO is enabled

This page will explain how to disable local account access after SSO is enabled.

First ensure that SSO is enabled before proceeding

This function is restricted to K Administrators

Step 1. Accessing the User Management Portal

  • Log into to your K platform instance ([customer]

  • Select Platform Settings in the side bar

  • In the pop-out side panel, under Administrations, click on Customisation

  • Click on Configure Single Sign On

  • Select Identity Providers in the side panel and click on the configured Identity Provider

  • Take down the Alias value


Step 2. Updating the login flow

  • Click on Authentication tab


  • Select Browser flow option

  • On the Identity Provider Redirect Step, select Settings


  • Add the Alias value from Step 1 in both the Alias and Default Identity Provider. Click Save

  • Open the platform in a new incognito browser. You should be immediately be taken to your Identity Provider to log in.

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