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Configuring users in K

There are three key phases to onboard and configure new users in K. This page will provide the high level process.

Step 1) Configure K Role Permissions

K has 5 key role types. Each role type has a default role permissions. First you need to confirm what each role type will have permission for prior to assigning roles.

Refer to Configuring role permissions for detailed steps.

Step 2) Configure SSO

K can integrate with your organisation’s SSO settings. This is currently available for Microsoft Azure or Okta.

Refer to the following pages for detailed steps on:

Step 3) Adding local users (if required)

Sometimes you may need to add additional local users that are onboarded directly to K and not via SSO. For this scenario, refer to Managing local users (Add, Edit, Delete, Reset Password)

If you have configured SSO after adding local users and now need to remove the local account, refer to this page for more information: Removing Local account access after SSO is enabled

Step 4) Bulk set-up of user profiles

To accelerate the take-up and embedment of K, you may want to pre-setup users in K and link them to their respective teams.

This feature is also useful to setup Data Owners and Stewards that may not be active users of K but need to have profiles setup in K.

For detailed instructions, refer to Bulk set-up of users and teams

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