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Using Collection Map to check and link items

This page will walk you through how to use the Collection Map tab to:

  • Visually check what’s been linked to a collection

  • Ensure that a data lineage is correctly tagged to the appropriate collection

Checking what’s been linked to a collection

When you navigate to a Collection page, you can visually see all the different things that have been linked to it via the Map tab.

When you click on any of the linked object types, a slide-out will appear listing all of the linked objects.

This is a great way to quickly review and check how the collection is linked in your data ecosystem.


Two other options to review items that have been linked to a collection include:

  • Using the Related tab to view a list of all assets

  • Using Search filters to locate all data assets linked to the Collection

Checking if data lineage is correctly linked

When you click on a data asset in the slide-out, a lineage map will appear.

Data assets that are also linked to the same collection, will appear darker, while data items not linked will appear faded.


For any additional tables that you would also like to link, right-click on the table will appear and you can click on the ‘Add to Collection Instance’ option.


While the linkage happens immediately, the map will not update in real time.

  • Updates to Domains, Classifications and Use Cases will appear after a quick page refresh.

  • Updates to custom Data Governance and Data Management collections will appear after the next scheduled index update (this means there may be a potential delay of up one day)

If you would like to bulk update a large number of items and link it to a collection, you can add items from the map to your Cart and use the Bulk update or Bulk edit feature

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