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Managing 'Reference User' detected by K

Only K Admins have the ability to update Reference user details

This page will show you how to update Reference User details that have been detected by K via the Users page.

Updating Reference Users is useful for:

You can access the Users page via: Platform Settings → Administration → Users


Onboarded User vs Reference User

K has two types of users:

  • Onboarded: These are individuals that have been onboarded to K via the User Management Portal (e.g. KeyCloak or SSO) and logged into K at least once.

  • Reference: There are users that have been detected by K in databases or tools that have been integrated to the K Platform. These users could be an User or a System account.

When K detects a new Reference User, the default setting is to classify it as an ‘User'. A 'User’ is an individual / person.

It's important to review this setting and confirm if the usage is as an 'User' or 'System' as this impacts the K analytics that calculates Trust Score, Usage and Zone tags.

Updating Reference Details

To update the details of a Reference User click on either the Edit icon or Add Teams icon.

Through these two functions you can update the reference users:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Associated email address

  • Usage Type

  • Associated teams


You can only update details for Reference Users.

If you would like to modify the details of an onboarded user you will need to go to your User Management Portal (e.g. Keycloak or if using SSO, via the relevant SSO administration portal)

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