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Tracking Changes

K helps you catalog and identify changes to data items through automated change detection. On each data profile page you can click on the Changes tab to view a timeline of changes detected.

Automated Change Detection

When data and content items change in structure (such as a column being added to a Table or a sheet being added to a Report), K will catalog the change and notify impacted users automatically.

These changes are added to the related data profile page Changes tab under Detected changes

For each change that is detected, you can click in the Note section and add details about the change to help other users understand the context of the change.

Types of Change Automatically Detected

K has the ability to detect the following types of change:

Type of Data Asset

Changes Detected


  • Table added

  • Column added

  • Column modified

  • Column deleted

  • Table deleted


  • Column first created

  • Column deleted

  • Column type modified


  • Report first created

  • Report deleted

  • Page in the report is Added

  • Page in the report is Deleted

  • Report name change


  • Sheet is first created

  • Sheet is deleted


  • New Dataset Table added

  • Dataset table deleted

  • Dataset table modified

Dataset Table

  • Dataset Field Added

  • Dataset Field Deleted

  • Dataset Field Modified

Dataset Field

  • Field first created

  • Field deleted

  • Type is modified

  • Calculation is modified


  • Table added

  • Table removed

K Metadata

  • K User updates to description and properties to a data profile

K Linkage

  • All changes to Knowledge (e.g. new Decisions, Business Logic, How To guides)

  • Additions and removals of any linkages to collections. Examples include

    • Owners and stewards added/removed

    • Collection instances added/removed

    • Tags added/removed

    • Classifications, Verified use cases, Domains etc added.removed

Metadata Change Management

When you update the description for any item, add links to collections, change status etc K will catalog the changes and notify relevant users.

These changes are added to the related data profile page Changes tab under K metadata changes or K linkage changes

K Metadata changes

K Linkage change

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