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Details Tab

The Details Tab provides a quick overview of the Data Asset and contains helpful information that can be tailored.


When you write a description, K will automatically search the words to suggest whether there are associated terms in you Business Glossary that you may want to link.

Where there is no description in the Data Asset, you can also try using Generating Descriptions using . . uses Large Language Models to auto generate descriptions for your data and analytics content, significantly reducing the amount of time required to document your data ecosystem.



Based on the words in your description, K will automatically suggest terms to link to your Data Asset. You can also manually search for terms to link to the Data Asset by clicking on the Edit button.


You can manually add properties to help users better understand the data asset. These assets are manually added and have not be reviewed by the K platform



Through analysing the metadata, K will automatically display the role profiles that have access to this specific data asset.



Where relevant for the type of Data ASset, K also has the capability to display the code associated with the Data Asset (e.g. Tables)

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