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Configuring critical collections

To get started with K, there are several platform collections to configure initially. These platform collections help you classify items, construct domains, assign verified use cases and channels

Only Data Governance Managers and K Admin users have the ability to configure a collection and create a new instance. Refer to How to Create an Instance in a Collection for more information.


Classifications can be assigned to any data or analytical asset. Only one classification can be set per asset.

Classification (example)



Restricted data includes data that, if compromised or accessed without authorisation, could lead to criminal, legal or regulatory penalties and/or cause irreparable damage to the company.


Confidential data is any data that requires specific authorisation and/or clearance.


Internal only data is strictly accessible to internal company personnel or internal employees who are granted access.


Public data is freely accessible to the public. It can be freely used, reused, and redistributed without repercussions.


Domains are a logical grouping of data and analytical assets by category, topic, area of interest etc for the purpose of organising, assigning accountability, and managing responsibilities.

Domains assist in governing and discovery data by groupings that align with how your business works. To align governance and domain definition, only Data Managers and Data Governance Managers can create new domains.

Example Domains



Data Items related to inventory sold by the business


Internal corporate information including policies, standards, & strategy


Employee and employment related data.


Data Items related to marketing and advertising


Data Items related to the process of selling inventory


Data Items related to Finance (General Ledger, Balances, Cash Flow, Forecasting)

Verified Use Case

Verified Use Case is the defined purpose of why the data is collected, generated or modelled. Verified Use Cases enable data workers to discover data they can use for a project they have.

Example Verified Use Case


Financial reporting

Used by Finance for Monthly and Annual Finance reporting

Market reporting

Reporting on market activity/performance.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns to targeted audiences and segments.


Analytics and reports to support day to day operations and call center


Channels are links to third party collaboration tools where active discussion occurs between users (e.g. Teams/Slack). Channels are useful to link users to where to ask questions, find existing answers etc.

Example Channel



A Slack channel for all marketing related data, reports and analytics


A Teams channel for Finance users to discuss reporting issues and questions

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