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Top Tips for Business Users

A Business user is typically a consumer of data. They use data products like reports, applications and analyses.

As a Business user, you can use K to find reports that your team uses, understand the definition of a Customer, and receive notifications when a data change will impact the data products I use.

If you want detailed usage information or other data governance related information you wneed to reach out to your data governance team that has a different K access level.

See who else uses the same report

Use the Search page to locate the report you use. On the report’s Profile Page there will be a Usage Panel.

If you have questions on the report, try asking the Top Users or Top Teams for help.

Check the details tab for more information

Sometimes a report or table definition can be unclear. To understand more about the data definitions you can click on the details tab to read the description and understand what glossary terms have been linked to your data item.

Ask top users for help

On the knowledge tab, you have the ability to Ask a Question to top users. You will be automatically notified whenever a top user responds to your question via your Homepage feed.

Helpful pages for Business Users

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