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Top Tips for Data Owners

A Data Owner can be anyone that is accountable for the collection, handling, and use of a data product. This can be anyone from the Product manager of the application that generated the data, to the Business lead that owns the entire data domain.

As an Owner, you can use K to manage your data product, see who is using your data products, and run reports on unused access.

Check that you have the right profile set up in K

The easiest way to check if you have the right profile set up in K is to visit your Home Page and check to see if under the Dashboard section the Ownership category appears

If Ownership does not appear it may because you are not currently assigned any data assets.

Use the Usage report to see who is using your data assets

You can use your Data Owner Dashboard to run reports on who has access to your data assets, who is using your data assets, and who is not.

Click Usage Report in the top corner to generate and download the report. If you own a lot of data assets, this report may take a few minutes to complete.

Review the data items you own via Insights Page

Click on the Insights Page and select the Ownership tab to review all of the data items that have been tagged to yourself as a Data Owner.

Helpful pages for Data Owners

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