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Top Tips for Data Governance Users

A Data Governance user is responsible for guiding the Organisation in the proper controls around the collection, handling and use of data. Data Governance is typically part of the Data Function and have unique responsibilities in helping define and drive data lifecycle management, privacy, quality, stewardship, metadata/master/reference data management, security and classification.

As a Data Governance team member, you can use K to manage your data ecosystem’s metadata, classify data, review data usage and access, assign stewards, capture quality metrics, and enable lifecycle management.

Track key governance metrics

The Insights page has a Governance tab that shows key metrics to help you govern your data.

On this page you can review the number of tables that have been classified, have owners and lineage.

In the below example, the only 1 table was used last week and as this table has an owner, but do not have an owner linked would be a red flag. To review the tables in detail, you can also download an excel copy of all the tables for analysis.

Deep dive on key data items

For critical data items, view the data item’s Profile Page to review:

  • Categories & Tags: Add manual tags to help call out key elements e.g. CDE or PII

  • Issues: Review the known issues that have been flagged and work with teams to remediate the issues

  • Classification: Check to ensure highly restricted and classified data are correctly flagged

Manage Data Governance Settings for K Platform

There are certain capabilities in K that are restricted to Data Governance Managers and Admin profiles. This is to help create a level of consistency in how your data ecosystem is managed via K

Actions that only a Data Governance Manager can perform include:

  • Configure Data Classification categories

  • Create a new Data Domain

  • Create a new Verified Use Case

  • Create a new Business Glossary

  • Create a new Data Governance Collection

  • Confirm who can assign Data Owners or Data Stewards

To perform these actions, click on the Settings icon in the side panel and click on Data Governance Settings

Helpful pages for Data Governance Users

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