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Top Tips for Data Workers

A data worker is someone that works with data day to day. They might be a data analyst that wrangles data for insights; data engineers that build pipelines to move and transform data; data scientist that runs experiments to test features.

As a Data worker, you can leverage the majority of features in K to discover data, organise your own code, document and share knowledge, run impact assessments, and analyse your data product metrics.

Easily ask for help

If you have a question about a data item, access the data item’s Profile Page, click on the Knowledge Tab and then click Ask a Question.

A pop-up box will appear and you can type your question. Your question will be automatically sent to the Data Stewards and Top Users.

When they answer the question, you will receive a notification in your feed.

You can also try accessing the collaboration channels that have been linked to the data item. This will help you directly link to the community that is discussing this data item.

Help others

Based on the data that you have recently used, the Feedback questions will be added to the Knowledge Centre. If you are classified as a top user K will seek your Opinion on the data item to help narrow the gap and improve knowledge documentation e.g. Does this data contain PII?

Check the quality of the data item you are working with

The Profile Page will show the data item’s Trust Score. Where possible rely on data that has a high trust score.

If there are known issues about the data, it will automatically be displayed as a grey banner to alert you to the issues.

Perform an Impact Assessment before making changes

K can help you run an impact assessment to show you all the downstream impacted data, content and users connected to that table. You can even specify how recently those items were used in order to narrow down on the most impacted users.

This is a great way to understand which stakeholders you may need to engage with and plan change management activities.

Helpful pages for Data Workers

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